washing dishes

いつもより ていねいに
ゆっくり うつわを洗います。

お料理をお出ししたとき 喜んでいただけたこととか
ここちよい疲れのなかで ふわふわ思い出します。

湿気がこもらないよう ざるにならべます。
うつわたちにも おつかれさま です。



washing dishes and cups 
after my guests has left
is one of my favorite time to spent

i go back to the whole day
as washing one by one
when i was cooking and preparing,
when i served the dishes
when my guest were pleased eating...
sometimes it hasn't gone so well
so the next time i should do like this,
or how about do like that...
looking back like dreaming
with my body somehow tired.

wiping one by one, leaving them on baskets
so they get dried well.

then a cup of tea, sitting at last.

it's my favorite moment 
after spending a whole busy day

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